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New Model Lineup




At Freightliner Trucks, we are dedicated to providing consumers with new trucks that are built with efficiency, durability, and longevity in mind. Reliability combined with the latest fuel economy technology allows our trucks to revolutionize the way you do business. If you are searching for new trucks for your business, turn to Freightliner. Visit a dealer today to discover why customers build businesses with our trucks.

On-Highway Trucks

Cascadia Evolution

Designed to be the most aerodynamic and fuel-efficient commercial truck on the road, the Cascadia Evolution saves you up to 7% in fuel usage compared to EPA 2010.

Class 8 | 60,600 GVW | 455 to 505 HP



Designed with total cost of ownership in mind; this commercial truck for sale is built to maximize bottom lines and build businesses.

Class 8 | 60,600 GVW | 350 to 600 HP



This commercial truck is traditional in appearance, yet packed with modern efficiencies and amenities that turn heads while turning profits.

Class 8 | 62,000 GVW | 350 to 600 HP


Medium Duty Commercial Trucks

M2 106

When reliability, maneuverability and visibility are top priorities, the Freightliner M2 106 is the answer. Excellent efficiency, from fuel economy to cost of operation, makes this one of the top commercial trucks for your bottom line.

Class 5-8 | 56,000 GVW | 200 to 350 HP


M2 112

Agile. Comfortable. Easy to drive. The Freightliner M2 112 commercial truck is engineered with higher horsepower and suspension ratings to handle heavier loads and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

Class 8 | 62,000 GVW | 260 to 450 HP


Severe Duty Commercial Trucks


Our 108SD commercial truck packs heavyweight power into a smaller package. It takes toughness onto tight job sites and down narrow streets, so the job gets done right.

Class 7/8 | 79,000 GVW | 200 to 350 HP



The 114SD, one of the most versatile commercial trucks for sale, is built with tough components and a chassis engineered for ease of body upfit. The 114SD severe duty platform is ready to perform the most demanding jobs.

Class 8 | 62,000 GVW | 300 to 450 HP



The flagship vocational model from Freightliner Trucks is tough on the outside, comfortable on the inside and always ready for a hard day's work, no matter how severe.

Class 8 | 92,000 GVW | 350 to 600 HP



Western Star


Spend a little time behind the wheel of a Western Star and one thing becomes crystal clear: this truck means business. After all, that's what they're bred for.

We started engineering heavy-duty trucks in 1967. Trucks that proved tough enough to take on mountainous logging operations, deep mines and sweltering oil fields. Vocations where cut corners and compromise can mean the difference between a good day and an early funeral. Goes without saying that when we started building highway trucks, we built them the same as our work trucks: by hand, one at a time, to ensure every truck is built to last and built exactly the way you need.

We get it. Time is money. So Western Stars are engineered to save you more of both. Our unrivaled handmade construction and stringent quality control are in place to keep you and your business firing on all cylinders for years to come. A Star may cost a little more today, but like all good investments, it'll pay off big tomorrow.




The quality and value of a Western Star are now within reach, no matter what your application. That's because we built the all-new Western Star 4700 specifically to meet the demanding needs of vocational applications and today's tightening budgets. And we did it with input from you - the people who actually do the jobs. After all, no one knows what you need better than you do. The durable, reliable and rugged 4700. All new. All Western Star.




Something can be said for getting the right truck for the job. With the shortest BBC and the most options, the 4800 delivers big performance in a streamlined cab, along with loads of truck components so you can build to suit any job — or fit any site. From mining trucks to expediters, the 4800 can be configured to deliver in a big way.




If you're going to do a job, get it done right the first time with the rugged 4900. Powerful and versatile, the 4900 has multiple options available to help you spec the perfect truck for the job. Whether you're working in auto haul or you're looking for a logging truck, Western Star has you covered with durability, comfort and power. Stop compromising. And start doing.




When you need to move mountains, there's only one truck for the job: the Western Star 6900. Spec'ed as a tractor, it can haul loads of over 500,000 pounds. And as a dump, it can move 80,000 pounds at a time. Add in another ton of options, and you've got a truck that's as powerful as it is customizable. From log trucks to dump trucks to extreme duty trucks, the 6900 can handle it all.



Freightliner Sprinter


The shape of innovation

Our tradition of leading innovation in the commercial vehicle segment continues with the new Sprinter. The Model Year 2014 version of the award-winning19 van has been redesigned with you in mind, offering more of what you need to help drive your business forward.

Enhanced and Refined Inside and Out

From the new 2-stage turbo diesel engine and 7G-TRONIC transmission to the segment-leading active system packages and redesigned exterior and interior, the new Sprinter will change your perception of what a commercial van can do for you—and how far your business can go.


Sprinter Cargo Van

Brains and brawn. The new Sprinter Cargo Van helps you work smarter with superior efficiency, and stronger with impressive torque. Max. Payload: Up to 5,485 lbs. Max. Interior Standing Height: Up to 76.4 in. Max. Cargo Volume: Up to 547.0 cu.ft.


Sprinter Passenger Van

Everyone has something to look forward to. With a redesigned cockpit and class-leading space for up to 12 adults, the new Sprinter Passenger Van lets drivers and passengers relax and enjoy the ride. Max. Interior Standing Height: Up to 76.4 in. Max. Payload: Up to 2,864 lbs. Max. Seating Capacity: Up to 12


Sprinter Cab Chassis

Got a business idea? Build it on the Cab Chassis. This new Sprinter model gives you the opportunity bring your ideas to life, or take your business to the next level. Turning Diameter: As low as 54.6 ft. Max. Payload: Up to 6,378 lbs. Max. Towing: 7,500 lbs.