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Manufacturers Represented (OEM)





Freightliner - Freightliner Trucks is the largest division of Daimler Trucks North America and is one of the most recognizable and respected names in the trucking industry. Fleet managers and owner-operators alike associate Freightliner with efficient, dependable vehicles business tools to be relied upon day in and day out under even the most punishing conditions.



Western Star



Western Star - Spend a little time behind the wheel of a Western Star and one thing becomes crystal clear: this truck means business. After all, that's what they're bred for.


We started engineering heavy-duty trucks in 1967. Trucks that proved tough enough to take on mountainous logging operations, deep mines and sweltering oil fields. Vocations where cut corners and compromise can mean the difference between a good day and an early funeral. Goes without saying that when we started building highway trucks, we built them the same as our work trucks: by hand, one at a time, to ensure every truck is built to last and built exactly the way you need.


We get it. Time is money. So Western Stars are engineered to save you more of both. Our unrivaled handmade construction and stringent quality control are in place to keep you and your business firing on all cylinders for years to come. A Star may cost a little more today, but like all good investments, it'll pay off big tomorrow.



International Trucks



International Trucks - Formed in 1902, International is a leading producer of medium trucks, heavy trucks, severe service vehicles. Our products, parts and services are sold through a network of nearly 1,000 dealer outlets in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico and more than 60 dealers in 90 countries throughout the world.






Kenworth - In 1923, H.W. Kent and E.K. Worthington rolled their frist production Kenworth out the door. From that day forward, Kenworth has continiued to forge a reputation for craftsmanship, durability and engineering excellence that is unrivaled in the world today.



Mack Trucks



Mack Trucks - Founded in 1900, Mack Trucks, Inc. is one of North America's largest producers of heavy-duty trucks. MACK trucks are sold and serviced in more than 45 countries through a worldwide network of more than 670 sales, parts and service centers.






Peterbilt - Based in Denton, Texas, Peterbilt Motors Company has a global reputation for industry-leading design, innovative engineering and fuel-efficient solutions. With our full line of on-highway, vocational and medium-duty products, including alternative-fueled vehicles, a proven array of TruckCare aftermarket support programs and a respected network of independent North American dealerships, Peterbilt continues its industry leadership.


During the past several years, Peterbilt has introduced more new products and services than at any time in its history trucks and sleepers that appeal to a broader range of industries, with more options, safety components and comfort features than all other trucks in their class.


Peterbilt has reigned as America's premium quality truck manufacturer since the company's founding in 1939. Our dedication to deliver products and services focused on improving customers' performance, image, profitability and peace of mind truly makes Peterbilt a legend in the industry.



Volvo Trucks



Volvo Trucks - Volvo Trucks North America is a division of Volvo Truck Corporation, one of the leading heavy truck and engine manufacturers in the world. Today, Volvo Trucks manufactures a broad line of Class 8 trucks and tractors-both on-highway and vocational-under the Volvo brand. Each new or used purchase is supported by a strong dealer network and by industry-leading parts and service programs to smooth your ride on the road to success.


Volvo built its first truck in 1928 to serve a growing transport industry. At the time, roads were roughly carved out of the countryside. The challenge was to build trucks that met the rigorous demands of the job in balance with the comfort and safety needs of the driver. Our commitment to achieving that balance hasn't wavered.



GMC Commericial Vehicles



GMC Commericial Vehicles - GMC's commercial trucks and vans prove that they are Professional Grade when it comes to technology, power, strength and safety. If you need a vehicle with a special upfit or extra equipment, we can help you through the process to ensure our vehicles are ready for your needs.



Isuzu Commercial Trucks



Isuzu Commercial Trucks - Isuzu trucks make a striking statement on the highway and on the job site. Every element of these trucks has been ?designed to improve comfort and productivity, all while lowering your cost of ownership. Their low-cab-forward design offers a wide range of advantages over conventional trucks, pickups or cutaway designs.



Hino Trucks



Hino Trucks - In 2001 Toyota Motor Corporation acquired a majority ownership of Hino Motors, Ltd., committing to a vision of global leadership in the heavy- and medium-duty truck market achieved with regional manufacturing of superior performing trucks.



The Toyota Groups commitment to continuous improvement and team development is why Hino Trucks is the fastest growing medium-duty truck company in America. That commitment also explains why Toyota material handling trucks are the best-selling vehicles in their class, and why the Toyota Tundra has earned such a reputation for toughness and durability.



UD Trucks



UD Trucks - UD Trucks have earned an outstanding reputation for quality, dependability and durability. The UD trademark, which originally stood for Uniflow Diesel, taking its name from Nissan Diesels successful Uniflow Scavenging Diesel engine, became known over the years to mean Ultimate Dependability. To benefit our company and our dealers, a campaign has been initiated to establish our own distinguishable corporate identity as UD Trucks. The UD symbol is prominently displayed on the chassis and in all advertising and literature. Just like other great symbols in business such as IBM, 3M and USX, UD will become a recognized leader in the U.S. truck industry.



Ford Commercial Vehicles



Ford Commercial Vehicles - Mobility's Muse In 1903 with $28,000 in cash, Henry Ford started the Ford Motor Company, whose automobiles changed how the world moved.